15th Jul 2019



I honestly couldn’t predict where my life is heading. That’s both a scary but exciting feeling... and I’m coming to realise that this feeling of slight unsettlement will probably stay with me for a very long time because of the freelance life I’m living and the person I am: always aspiring to explore and discover new avenues. So I better get used to it!


But sometimes we can get a little carried away with the hustle and bustle of life and forget to enjoy ourselves in the present moment. It’s so normal to always want more in order to push ourselves, but don’t disregard the importance of happiness. 


I can proudly say, that despite my life is a very (very) unfinished jigsaw puzzle, with a whole lot of pieces missing and pieces falling off then joining again.. I am learning to enjoy the process of this exciting, exhausting, frustrating, rewarding, journey I’m on to take me to where I’m meant to be!


Learning to live in the “now” rather than always pushing for more or dwelling on the past, will allow you to appreciate life through a completely different lens. This way of thinking isn’t feasible to do all day everyday - well definitely not for me. But giving yourself time out of your day to just breathe, and be present is as important as eating a balanced nutritious diet! And you might find that it helps clarity of your mind, enhance your creativity, improve decision making, be more efficient in your time, and encourage you to work smarter rather than harder! 


So all I’m saying is hustle hard, but don’t forget about the health of your mind and the importance of presence.


Enjoy the little things.  

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