20th May 2019





Presenting you the three Hackney Half Heroes, in our own rights. 

Hero ONE. Shout-out to Roo (my sister’s boyfriend) for smashing a 1.24 time for his first ever half. Wow. London Marathon, you will be next.

Hero TWO. Big up my big sis. After collapsing at mile 12, she still manages to cross the finish line with a big smile on her face. A true trooper.  

Hero THREE. I didn't even manage to do it. "But you can still call yourself a hero?" 

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As some of you might already know, I was also meant to be running the Hackney Half with my sister and Roo. But unfortunately, I had to pull out due to having tendonitis in my foot… this wasn’t easy for me in the slightest as I hate not completing something and I hate having the feeling of unfulfillment. Not gonna lie… it did require a bit of persuasion from my family and close friends to give me a wake-up call. 


It’s a Hackney Half. It happens every year. It’s a bit of fun. It’s not my job. But it is my job to be fit and healthy so I can dance, coach, and train! 


Then I realised, wow my inner ego needs to chill out! 


The right balance of your inner ego is the key to success. You need a proportion to give you that drive and determination to achieve but you also need the ability to listen to your body and know when it is time to say no to your inner ego. 

So in a more concise way...


Know your limits.

Know when to give.

Know when to demand.

Know when to say no.

Know when enough is enough.

Know the importance of your health.


That is the difference between “stupidity” and genius. Or hero. 


So yes, I didn’t do the Hackney Half marathon this year. But I have learned a new love for running and accomplished new running distances. I have learned that my body is my temple and I should respect it and honour it. I have learned that I am a hero for saying no.


So, see you next year Hackney Half 2020. The Bailey sisters will be back!

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