3rd June 2019





I have moved out of London and back to Surrey.

Why so soon? 


So as much as I felt like moving into London was the right thing for me to do, I soon came to realise maybe it’s not for me. But I guess I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t try hey!


So what are my reasons?


I thought I loved being in the midst of all the hustle and bustle but in fact, I found it hard to “switch off” and have any “downtime”. I find it hard to stop anyway due to my natural drive as a person and my freelancer/self-employed life with no start or end time. But the combination of quick commutes on stuffed tubes, and feeling as if life is going a million mph around me.. wasn't the healthiest for my mental state. 



The term “the grass isn’t always greener” was confirmed here too. I came to realise that some areas of my life (the fitness side of being a trainer or PT) doesn’t HAVE to be based in London. Despite I am keeping some of my fitness side connected with London (as I can’t deny that I still love it), it is still more than feasible to develop this side of mine in Surrey. 



Luckily for me, my home is relatively close to London anyway. So I should really take advantage of this! There’s a lot of little business areas that myself and tommy are building up so it’s silly to be literally throwing money down the drain when I could be investing this money into these businesses. I know it’s not possible for some people to be able to live at home and still be able to commute into london for auditions, castings, jobs etc so if I can do both, I should make the most of being in this privileged position, save the dollar and invest wisely!



As well as investing in my money, I can also invest in my time. Something you can’t get back. Starting anything up does take a lot of time and dedication. And having one less pressure of having to do the itty bitty jobs to purely pay rent means I can use this time in a more beneficial way to invest in our business areas, as well as the freedom for those non-paid jobs that may help me within the performing industry.



Do what makes you happy. The unpredictability of my performing life can have a negative downward spiral to people’s motivation as you have limited control on your success. So whilst the performing side will always be an ongoing passion of mine, working on these business ideas alongside has given me a new motivation and challenge to work for, and something tangible for both of us to see that working hard can result in visible growth! And both these ideas do involve the wonderful tommy. So being down Surrey end also enables us to pursue these entrepreneur ideas with full commitment and a lot more efficiently!



If I hadn’t taken the risk to move into London, I would still probably be saying “what if”... yes it didn’t work out for me the way I initially planned but I’ve learned from it and I am happier than I have ever been. 


I don't want to take away from the fact I know so many people who have no choice and are grafting away in London to afford to live whilst pursing their dreams. Hats off to every single one of you and keep that hustle going. 


But for me, I am grateful for the privileged position I am in and I am going to take full advantage of this freedom to step outside my comfort zone and continue to take risks within all the different areas of my life; business, performing, and self-development.


So a little motivation to leave with you is...


Life doesn't come gift wrapped in a bow.

Listen to your gut.

Take risks.

Live an adventurous life and your story will be worth telling.  

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