29th April 2019








My industry (especially) is filled with constant rejections and knock backs. The monotonous cycle of auditions can make you feel as if you're never "right" - you're too tall, you're too blonde, you're too smiley, you're not smiley enough!.. the list is endless, unpredictable, and most of the time you just never know the actual reason.

No matter how accomplished and confident you are in your ability or in your own skin, it rarely gets easier. The only thing that gets easier is your bounce back rate! You can either take that "no" and let it ruin your day, your week, your month OR you can take those critics, or things that might not have gone as well as you hoped in order to make you better next time, and allow you to get back up and go again.


The more I get told "no", the faster my bounce back rate. This is not just because you get used to it, (as hard as it can be sometimes) but also because I change the perspective of the word which often has negative associations.


Instead, I look at it this way. You can't change your height, or your look or how you sing. You will be wasting your time trying to please everyone, as everyone has different preferences and opinions. So for me I use "auditions" as a way to just learn more choreography, meet new people, and practice my singing. And if they like it, great! But if not, we go again. I use these "no's" as a guidance to the next destination of my journey.


In other words, "no" is the new "yes".


As one door shuts, another one opens. New opportunities, new pathways, new experiences. It is all part of the journey and it can lead to experiences we never dreamed of pursuing.


If life was filled with "yes's", life would not only be more predictable and therefore unrewarding, we would only discover a very small percentage of ourselves and our capabilities.


So start utilising the word "no" as a way to challenge yourself even more. See "no" as a privilege to push your boundaries, discover more talents and start to enjoy the bumpy ride to greatness. 



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