My name is Rhiannon and my background as a professional dancer has heavily influenced my passion within the fitness industry.

Over the first 3 months of lockdown, I have provided daily workouts every weekday at 8am on my instagram LIVE. It has been AMAZING to see this organically grow and form the DAILY BAILEY community, where we all feel motivated, inspired, and challenged


I have now taken it to the next level

I have created this platform to provide you with an array of workouts to choose from that will be updated on a weekly basis


Whether it be strength, HIIT, resistance band, barre, ab or booty blast, there will be something in there for you to get involved in. These workouts will be up for a lifetime, and no workout will be the same!

Be sure to sign up to the FACEBOOK community page and the INSTAGRAM members page (@daily.baileyfitness) for weekly LIVE workouts to keep up to date with the new weekly content released. This is also an opportunity for you guys to be connected, share your thoughts, ask questions and be a part of this exclusive Daily Bailey unit. 



Rhiannon Bailey