READY, SET, GOAL: Turf Games 2019

18th June 2019

READY, SET, GOAL: Turf Games 2019



On Friday, I completed my first ever Turf Games with the "Underdogs" team, and I absolutely loved it! It got me thinking as to why I don't do more of these group competitive events.

Events like these can seem pretty daunting from afar. Especially the different workout stations which can look slightly torturous with all the equipment.. as well as the mass of fitness people walking around looking FAF! (the fitness fit not the good looking fit, although you all looked beautiful) but once you get stuck into it all, it sure unleashes your beast mode you didn't think you had!

We were in the mixed team categroy: different ages, genders, fitness levels... but it didn't matter. It was all about working as a team and thinking tactfully. It is not by any means easy and 7 minutes never felt so long! But the adrenaline, the spectators, the atmosphere, wanting to keep up with your team mates (and impress your spartan boyfriend) sure pushes you to your max and puts you out of your comfort zone! I discovered new strengths I didn't think I had and I sure have another level of motivation to try out more training events alongside my Tommy who is my motivation guru.

Training in general can get pretty monotonous and can demotivate you if you're doing the same thing day in, and day out. Have you thought about competing in events? And can I reiterate, these "competitive" events are all fun competitive events - (no olympic submissions quite yet). 

There is nothing else on a normal day-to-day schedule that will truly test your ability and allow you to discover your true strength. So isn't that a reason to go ahead and give it a go?!


There are so many opportunities out there for EVERYONE to be involved in: no matter what fitness level, what age. I really encourage you to actively put yourself in scenarios that might appear daunting as I can assure you, it is never as bad as you think. Starting off with group event competitions could be a great way to take the pressure off slightly, make it more sociable, and also, motivate you to actually do it!

If you need that motivational boost and want that elated sense of achievement, I couldn't encourage you enough to start researching different sporting events; on your own, or in a group. Because the feeling of success afterwards makes it so worth it.


My READY, SET, GOAL is to try take part in as many different fitness events as possible as the feeling is like no other, and there's nothing that pushes me more.


My next fitness event with Tommy is going to be tough and muddy, if you know what I mean...!

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