my first half marathon

15th April 2019




Living a very active lifestyle and heavily posting about fitness on social media can sometimes create assumptions that every fitness motivator must be super fit in every discipline.


I would often say to people '"oh no, I'm not a runner!'" if I was ever asked. I used to hate every form of long distance running at school. Cross country. No way! I have learned to like running more as I have got older but still, I just run for fun, for fitness and to have a good sweat! I used to categorise runners as being super fit, super fast, run competitively from a young age, train daily etc... And then I came to realise that fun, fitness and having a good sweat are all valid reasons to run so why can't you call yourself a runner?

Running is such a great sport for a diverse group of people. It is a sport open for any age, any gender, any shape or size, for sociable reasons, more competitively, or even to catch that train leaving in 2 mins! But at the end of the day, everyone can do it.


I have learned to love running more: a great way to partly meditate, let your thoughts flow freely, and allow your body and mind to escape any unnecessary pressures.

Despite my love for running has developed, the thought of signing up for a half marathon or marathon honestly gave me shivers. I put up these barriers, automatically assuming that I could never run for that long - I'd die! But in the back of my head, I have always had it on my bucket list but didn't have the guts to apply.


I went to a sport event, and within the first 15 minutes I was there, the event organiser openly said "are you running the hackney half?" My automatic response came out: "definitely not, I couldn't do that". And before I knew it, I received a confirmation email saying that I have been signed up for the hackney half marathon!

There was no going back.

Yes I am feeling a little apprehensive and nervous as I honestly haven't a clue what the outcome will be.. but above all, I am sooo pleased this happened. So pleased that woman signed me up! My running goals have now expanded, my barriers have disappeared, and I have discovered a new motivation, determination and sense of achievement in the world of running.

I am not putting myself under too much pressure training up for this half marathon in May. Obviously my inner-competitive side kicks in as I always want to do the best I can. But for me, the fact I am doing it, something I honestly never actually thought I would do, is an achievement in itself!


Sometimes we need that little nudge to push us out of our comfort zones and face new challenges. Prove your subconscious wrong and see you at the finish line! 





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