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By signing up to Daily Bailey, he/she are responsible for ensuring he/she is properly equipped, and that his/her state of health and physical condition are such as not to involve any risk to him/herself or any other person. It is hereby understood and agreed the trainer accepts no responsibility for accident, injury, or illness suffered.


Daily Bailey


Hey!​ My name is Rhiannon and my background as a professional dancer has heavily influenced my passion within the fitness industry.


​I have created this platform to provide you with an array of workouts for you to choose from, with new workouts updated weekly. Whether it be strength, HIIT, resistance band, barre, ab or booty blast, there will be something in there for you to get involved in. The Facebook Community Page is a space for members to be connected and feel supported as they share their fitness journey, post-workout selfies, or ask any questions they  might have.

Daily Bailey is ultimately growing into a wellness brand. Through workouts, blog posts from health and wellness professionals, and new features such as cook-a-long classes and mindfulness sessions which are coming soon, this will create a well-rounded understanding of how to become the best version of yourself, from the inside out. To become a 'healthier, happier you'. 


Daily Bailey


(included in the 3 month or 6 month memberships

or purchased stand alone)


Improve Strength, Stamina, and BOOST your Motivation.


- 12 weeks in total.

- 4 workouts per week.

- 1 stretch class per week.


Equipment Needed

- Glute Band

- Long Band

- Dumbbells


Starting 4th January

Motivational boost to kickstart your fitness journey.


- 4 weeks in total.

- 45 minutes each workout.

- 4 workouts per week.


Equipment Needed

- Dumbbells


Daily Bailey


Lacking motivation to work out at home? Why not book a personal plan and benefit from:

Personalised workout programmes.
- Nutritional Advise.
- 24/7 Support.
- 3 sessions per week for £35 per week.
(minimum of 8 weeks).
- 5 sessions per week for £40 per week.
(minimum of 8 weeks).

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